Daily Column – 15th March 2022

Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine has been a wake-up call to European countries that haven’t been paying attention to their military. Germany said that it will buy 35 F-35 fighter jets and 15 Eurofighters to replace its old fleet of Tornado jets with new ones. A lot of money has been spent on the country’s … Read more

Daily Column – 14th March 2022

People should ask: What does China, the great superpower of the East, think about all of this? A lot of people in the United States want to know more. Since Russia started taking over Ukraine, it has sent its national security adviser to Rome to meet with a top Chinese diplomat. This is the first … Read more

Daily Column – 12th March 2022

The Kremlin has taken the step we’ve all thought about when our Stories don’t get enough attention: They’ve banned Instagram. After Instagram made a few short-term changes to its policies on violent speech in some countries, Russia said it would block Instagram in the country beginning March 14. It’s the first time that Russia has … Read more

Daily Column – 11th March 2022

Almost all Americans are about to go through a period of high prices that will last for a long time and be very frustrating. Consumer prices in the United States rose 7.9% from a year earlier in February, the government said yesterday. In line with what we thought, but still another 40-year high. From January … Read more

Daily Column – 10th March 2022

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Western world has been very united in supporting Ukraine and condemning Russia for its unjust and brutal war. There have been new examples of anti-Russian sentiment in the United States. People have vandalised Russian restaurants in the United States and have boycotted people who have criticised their … Read more

Daily Column – 9th March 2022

Vice President Biden said yesterday that the United States would stop buying Russian oil and other energy sources in order to hurt the Russian economy even more for its invasion of Ukraine. “We will not be part of funding Putin’s war,” Biden told the crowd. Russia is the third-largest oil producer in the world, after … Read more

Daily Column – 8th March 2022

Commodities, which aren’t the best conversation starter on a first date but are important for everyday life, did their best meme stock impression yesterday with price swings that were out of this world. Nickel, for example, had its biggest one-day dollar gain on record, which is good news for Nickel. What’s going on now? Commodities … Read more

Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul Preet Singh is a movie star. As well as making Hindi films, Rakul Preet Singh also makes films in Tamil and Telugu. With the 2011 Kannada film “Gilli,” Rakul Preet Singh made her name. In the Femina Miss India competition, Rakul Preet Singh was also a part of it. Rakul Preet won four titles … Read more

Daily Column – 7th March 2022

Yesterday, Russian missiles hit the city of Vinnytsia. After that, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on NATO to set up a no-fly zone over Ukraine to stop the Russian bombardment. He’s not going to get what he wants. A no-fly zone is a place where you can’t fly. Don’t think too hard about it; it’s … Read more