Angelo Moriondo and the Best Thing He Ever Made

Angelo Moriondo

Angelo Moriondo is known as the “Godfather of Espresso Machines.” On Monday, Google gave him a doodle for his 171st birthday (June 6). Moriondo was born on June 6, 1851, in Turin, Italy. In 1884, he got a patent for the first known espresso machine, which he had made. NDTV says that Olivia When made a Google Doodle with a GIF of the first coffee machine that we know of. Angelo Moriondo was honoured in a big way by Google, which said, “Today, coffee lovers sip coffee in honour of the godfather of espresso machines.”

Angelo Moriondo was a person.

Angelo Moriondo was born on June 6, 1851, in Turin, Italy. A Google note about the amazing inventor says that he came from a family of business owners who “never stopped coming up with new ideas or projects.” Moriondo’s grandfather started a business that made liquor, which was later run by Moriondo’s father. Moriondo started the well-known chocolate company “Moriondo and Gariglio” with his brother and cousin. After going into business like the rest of his family, Moriondo bought two important places: the Grand-Hotel Ligure in the city centre Piazza Carlo Felice and the American Bar in the Galleria Nazionale of Via Roma.

In Italy in the 1850s, when the inventor was still running his hotels, coffee was at its most popular. On the other hand, coffee drinkers had to wait a long time for their coffee to brew, which was inconvenient. Moriondo thought that if he could make more than one cup of coffee at the same time, he would have an edge over his competitors. A mechanic made a coffee machine for Moriondo after he asked him to. When it was finished in 1884, the machine was shown at the Turin General Expo, where it won a bronze medal.

How did the machine that Angelo Moriondo made work?

The espresso machine, which was Moriondo’s best idea, needed both steam and boiling water to make the best coffee. A huge boiler pumped hot water through the coffee grounds, and a second boiler made steam, which flashed the bed of coffee and finished the brew. After the invention was registered in Paris on October 23, 1885, an international patent application was filed to prove that it was a real invention. Moriondo made a lot of changes to his idea over time and patented each change.

Moriondo’s idea led to the simple design of the modern espresso machine we use today.

Atlas Obscura says that Angelo never made the idea popular, so the person who came up with it is often forgotten. Instead, only a few machines were made by hand, and they were only meant to be used in the hotels and pubs owned by his family (via Il Globo). Moriondo’s plan, which he thought would give him an edge over his competitors, worked for a short time.

Moriondo’s idea was changed in the end by inventors like Luigi Bezzera, who changed the way the machine worked, Desidiero Pavoni, who made the product mass-produced, and Francesco Illy, who used pressurised water instead of steam. Alfonso Bialetti was also inspired by the machine to make the Moka pot, which can be used on a stovetop.

What’s good about coffee

Espressos are known for being small cups of good things that wake you up. When we’re feeling down and need a little extra motivation to get through the day, they cheer us up. Most people don’t think of coffee as a drink that is good for their health. On the other hand, espresso has many health benefits that should no longer be ignored.

Coffee helps you remember things well and for a long time. Also, it has antioxidants that help make the immune system stronger. It has been shown that espresso shots lower the risk of heart disease, especially in obese people. Also, if you care a lot about your health and diet, espresso helps you out and speeds up your metabolism.

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