Daily Column – 2nd October 2021

On the morning of 1st, October 2021, a meeting of House of Democrats that happened behind closed doors converted into a showdown in-between the swig districts’ lawmakers pleasing for passing the bill of bipartition infrastructure and the liberals in the seats of safe Democrats who are insisting that they will not be giving a nod until the US Senate passes and ambitious net measure for social safety & climate change.

The speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had convened the meet appealing for unity, she had told her troops to stay united in order to stay strong, as per the people who were familiar with this session. Lieutenants of Pelosi had tried bucking up the Democratic Caucus by touting their 5 trillion dollar bills’ element: measures for tackling the climate change, bringing down the cost of prescription drugs and raising the rates of tax on corporations as well as on the rich.

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House was forced to delay the deal of bipartition infrastructure of 1.2 trillion dollars yesterday after the negotiations at the last minute failed in producing an agreement with the progressive caucus of the chamber. However, talks were expected to be continued on 1st October 2021.

Separately, yesterday Sen. Joe Manchin had said that his limit on an expansive package of social spending is 1.5 trillion dollars, which is very low compared to the price tag of 3.5 trillion dollars as proposed by the administration of president Joe Biden. According to the reports, Manchin had been circulating a signed memo which Manchin had signed with Chuck Schumer the Senate Majority Leader in the month of  July acknowledging the demands of Manchin. Manchin and Sen. Krysten Sinema are representing the make-or-break votes for the Democrats in Senate which is evenly divided.

Lastly, the White House as well as the Chambers had signed off on a funding bill of short-term for keeping the government open by averting a shutdown of the federal government through the 3rd of December.

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