Daily Column – 1st October 2021

The Democrats of Senate prepared for an introduction of a bill on 30th of September, 2021, providing government funding for a short term through December 3rd, taking the very 1st step to avoid the shutdown of the federal government. Shutting down of the government could result in furloughs of the federal workers and would also lead to the suspension of some particular services. A lapse in funding could pose a certain challenge when the government of the United States is concerned band taking efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Though the administration of president Joe Biden has said that the government shutdown would not affect the public health functions much.

The move came up after the Democrats attempted to attach a raise in the debt ceiling to one funding bill. This was a failed effort by the Democrats as it couldn’t get enough support from the Republicans. The Republicans of the Senate have given the indications that they are going to support the measure of the new funding.

The secretary of the Treasury Department, Jannet Yellen has given a warning saying that there should be a rise in the debt ceiling by 18th October for avoiding a potential default by the United States. McConnell, the Minority Leader of Senate is of the view that the republicans of Senate are not going to support a raise in the debt ceiling. According to the observers, the democrats will probably be wrapping the measure into a 3.5 trillion dollars package for social spending. This is going to avoid the threshold of 60-vote for breaking a filibuster. However, Joe Manchin & Krysten Sinema, the centrist Democrats are not in favour of the currently written proposal.

Finally, on 30th September, the house has read a vote on a deal of bipartition infrastructure of 1.2 trillion dollars. However, in this case, the progressives of the house are not in favour of the package.

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