Daily Column – 12th October 2021

Yes, we’re still talking about NFTs, and Coinbase is opening a marketplace for the tokenized assets. Users will be able to purchase, sell, and mint NFTs on the marketplace, which will be known as Coinbase NFT. NFTs are digital tokens that prove you are the rightful owner of a digital asset. Coinbase also stated that it … Read more

Daily Column – 11th October 2021

Nobel prize for Peace Capping the selections for a week, the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2021 was awarded on the morning of 8th October to two journalists Dmitry Muratov from Russia & Maria Ressa from the Philippines, with the committee who had cited the efforts of the journalists who fought for the freedom … Read more

Daily Column – 9th October 2021

Tesla is leaving California At first, it was Grimes now it is California. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk had said that Tesla is taking a leave from Palo Alto-CA which was the home of Tesla since it was found in the year 2003. Tesla is now moving to Austin, TX where it is building … Read more

Daily Column – 8th October 2021

A huge Gulp of the data of Twitch was poured out by a hacker, the hacker had uploaded 125 GB of secrets stolen from Twitch to an anonymous site of imageboard 4chan. The data that was leaked included: Source code of the platform along with the changes that were made to the code that was … Read more

DAily Column – 7th OCtober 2021

The CEO and the controlling owner of the soccer team of Washington Spirit, Steve Baldwin resigned from his position yesterday as a scandal related to sexual harassment had deepened all over the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) which is known as the top soccer league for women in the United States. Baldwin had been facing … Read more

Daily Column – 6th October 2021

Frances Haugen, the whistleblower of Facebook was testified in front of a panel of Senate yesterday for providing a close look at the various range of practices of the company. While the hearing was going on, Frances Haugen claimed that Facebook had harm children as well as weakened the democracy, a lot of times inspire … Read more

Daily Column – 5th October 2021

OZY Media which was an Emmy-winning platform of digital media and very popular among young readers has closed to function on Friday, right after 5 days when stories started coming up about the questioning practices in business. The company has unravelled about a top executive misrepresenting himself to be a YouTube executive in a conference … Read more

Daily column – 4th October 2021

On 3rd October 2021, Frances Haugen, the former product manager of Facebook had given an interview to 60 Minutes where she revealed quite a lot of details about the very popular social media application. Frances Haugen, who had worked on the Facebook team of civic misinformation for about two years before she left in May, has … Read more

Daily Column – 2nd October 2021

On the morning of 1st, October 2021, a meeting of House of Democrats that happened behind closed doors converted into a showdown in-between the swig districts’ lawmakers pleasing for passing the bill of bipartition infrastructure and the liberals in the seats of safe Democrats who are insisting that they will not be giving a nod … Read more

Daily Column – 1st October 2021

The Democrats of Senate prepared for an introduction of a bill on 30th of September, 2021, providing government funding for a short term through December 3rd, taking the very 1st step to avoid the shutdown of the federal government. Shutting down of the government could result in furloughs of the federal workers and would also … Read more