Daily Column – 1st October 2021

The Democrats of Senate prepared for an introduction of a bill on 30th of September, 2021, providing government funding for a short term through December 3rd, taking the very 1st step to avoid the shutdown of the federal government. Shutting down of the government could result in furloughs of the federal workers and would also … Read more

Daily Column – 30th September 2021

The defence officials who are the top were testified yesterday before the Senate Armed Service Committee. This was their 1st appearance of this sort after what was concluded of the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan during the last month. Lyod Austin, the Defence Secretary and Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Miley … Read more

It’s not okay for kids to use instagram

Just like a lot of people do after having a bad gig at the summer camp, Facebook has decided to take a break from the plans for working with the children. The head of Instagram Adam Mosseri had made an announcement yesterday that the company will be pausing the development for “Instagram Kids”, which is … Read more

There ‘s a Spike in Homicides!

In the United States, murders rose  30 per cent between the year 2019 to 2020, as per the statistics of annual crime that was released yesterday by the FBI. Since 1960 when the record-keeping of crime has started this is the biggest jump that took place in a single year. The reports had expanded on … Read more

daily Column – 28th September 2021

Sometimes, during the college days, one must have got engulfed with the due of 3 huge assignments on the same day. That is exactly what the Democrats are going through this week as they are trying to turn into law the signature economic proposals of the president. Nancy Pelosi, who is the House Speaker is … Read more

Daily Column – 27th September 2021

The voters in Germany have cast the votes yesterday in the national elections, where the early results indicate off shift in the balance in power of the Parliament in the country. The Social Democratic Party of Germany which is the centre-left was leading over Angela Merkel the outgoing Chancellor from the centre-right coalition with the … Read more

Daily Column – 25th September 2021

After an open firing took place in Tennessee at Kroger grocery store within a Collierville, 14 people were injured and at least one person got killed.  9 victims were rushed to hospital and among them, not less than 4  are in critical condition. The gunman was also reportedly dead by one self-inflicted wound of the … Read more

Daily column – 23rd september 2021

The Capitol Hills’ lawmakers are preparing for a couple of showdowns in legislation for the next week and a half, that came to effect after the decisions that were made in the past two days. The first decision has its focus on the debt ceiling and government funding. If Congress is unable to provide funding … Read more

Daily Column – 22nd September 2021

The eccentric heir of real estate, Robert Durst was charged guilty of murdering Susan Berman a long-time friend of Durst. This verdict is among the most cases of high profile that came into the limelight because of the popularity of real crime documentaries. Durst who is of 78 years has faced a life sentence without … Read more