10 Best Online Jobs from Home

Don’t be in a hurry to read just the headlines. Spend at least 5 minutes of your time on each so that you understand about these online jobs. These 5 minutes can even change your life. You can then choose the most suitable online jobs according to your skills, requirement and your time to work … Read more

Immigrate to Canada From India in 2021

As the United States continues to restrict the number of employment-based immigrant visas, many Indian nationals are choosing to trade their jobs in the U.S. for the chance to immigrate permanently to Canada.  There are many options to immigrate to Canada from India. In fact, Indian nationals have the highest success rate when applying for Canadian immigration … Read more

Earning money from home!

With the dominance of Internet and its influence over our lives, especially now with everyone working from home and the new normal of social distancing, all because of the uncalled coronavirus pandemic and the second wave we are going through now, more and more people are looking for ways to earn money online to increase their income. … Read more

Investing in Cryptocurrency: The Good & the bad side

Crypto currencies or digital coins have taken the investors and trading markets by storm. Be it novice investors or and an enthusiast, all have developed a keen interest in them, if not liking, as they have given colossal returns. Recent bloodbath gave investors enough reason to doubt the stability and profit-generation potential of cryptos. Still, … Read more

Where is yasmeen Bleeth?

If you grew up watching Baywatch you probably know Yasmine Bleeth. She played Caroline Holden on the show and was quite a celebrity back then. But since then it seems like she disappeared off the face of the Earth, or at least off the screen and off the grid. We haven’t seen her on TV … Read more

5 Fun Indoor Activities In Delhi For When It’s Raining Too Hard

Is the monsoon raining all over your parade? Lucky for you, Delhi is an amazing city which has a lot to offer even in extreme weathers; without burning you under the scorching heat or drenching you in the muddy rainwater. Here is a small list of some interesting places in and around Delhi where you … Read more

Pout On: These Are The Best Matte Lipsticks Under 500 In India

We find the idea of wearing strong make-up in summer quite uncomfortable. Don’t you agree? The heat already makes one sweaty and sticky, over that if one wears a sticky lipgloss or liquid lipstick, I can’t imagine the day going smoothly for that person. So, the secret of putting on make-up in the scorching heat … Read more

Home Decore

There’s no place like home – we can all agree with that. Further, there’s no place like your own bedroom. The bedroom isn’t just a place where you sleep; it’s also used as a studying space, reading space, writing space, dressing space, a space where you’re at your most intimate. It’s almost a sanctuary of … Read more

A Checklist For A Short & Sweet Road Trip To Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most underrated destinations. No, I am not saying go here when the temperature is touching 45 degrees, but at any other time of the year when you just have a weekend or so to spare, it makes for an excellent getaway. It can be relaxing, peaceful and even therapeutic. Road … Read more

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