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There’s no place like home – we can all agree with that. Further, there’s no place like your own bedroom. The bedroom isn’t just a place where you sleep; it’s also used as a studying space, reading space, writing space, dressing space, a space where you’re at your most intimate. It’s almost a sanctuary of sorts, a space where you can unwind and relax until the day breaks again and you need to go out in the real world and fight for survival. It’s arguably the most important personal space you have and it’s important to keep it looking fresh. Declutter monthly and add some new elements regularly. If your bedroom feels like it’s gone to the dogs, here are some quick fixes to spruce it up:

Cushions/ Pillow Cases

What is a bedroom good for if it is not filled with fluffy, comfortable pillows? So, to make your bed more inviting add many small colourful cushions. Furthermore, small cushions give a feel and appearance of fluffy clouds and doesn’t that sound perfect after a hard day’s work? Moreover, you can also play around with the cushion covers.


Lighting is the most important element in a room. It can either make your room look big and bright or can make it look small and dingy. The best thing to do is play with natural light if your room has that provision. If your room has a certain amount of natural light coming in, you canenhance it further by adding a mirror on the opposite wall from where the natural light is coming in. For mood lighting in the evenings, , decide what sort of lighting best suit your requirements. For instance, if you have friends coming over regularly, then I would recommend you to add bright lights to make your room look bright and big. Or, if you are a person who likes to spend time reading in your room, then add dimmer light for the room like vintage antique bulbs, and add a study lamp beside the bed or on one corner of your room where you like to sit and read. Moreover, if you have a small room and you what to make it look huge, you can add chandeliers.

Vintage Antique Bulb

Chest Of Drawers

Just to let you know, the days of heavy iron almirahs are over, buy multiple chests of drawers to make your room classy and spacious. Furthermore, what I like about chest of drawers apart from the fact that they are a better way of organising and storing your valuables is that you can convert the space above the drawer into whatever you like. For instance, you can convert it into a bar or a small library or a makeup stand or into whatever you see fit. The following is just an extra tip that you can follow to make your room look huge: if you have a smaller room and you want it to look big, paint all the huge and heavy furnished in light colours. So, even if you don’t want to get rid of your almirahs, paint them in some light colours.

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Yeah, I know that books are not decorative items. However, you need to admit that books add character to a room, . Moreover, a colourful book cover adds the right kind of colours and texture to a room. We would encourage you to buy those genres of books that you identify with the most, for instance, comic books, thriller books, suspense books, business books, etc. You can buy wall shelves to add books and some decorative items.

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Wall paintings are the best way to spice up a room and add texture. Further, it’s the cheapest and most efficient way to make your room look artsy and different. You can do a DIY painting or buy in the market. However, we would encourage you to make it yourself. Look at this video to know how.

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