Daily Column – 10th February 2022

We’re about to find out how many of you haven’t used your toothbrush during the pandemic.

It looks like New York is joining a wave of other states that have recently announced that they will no longer make businesses and schools require people to wear masks indoors.

All of these states said this week that masks will soon be able to come off in a lot of places, because there have been less Covid cases.

Do you see a pattern? All of these states are Democratic strongholds. During the pandemic, they have been more aggressive with Covid policies than their red-state counterparts.

Covid is here to stay, but thanks to vaccinations, previous infections, and effective treatments, it should be able to stay at a manageable level without a lot of big changes.

As New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said: “This is not a victory, but rather an acknowledgment that we can live with this thing.”

Now, Covid is able to serve customers in their own area, too.

A lot of the power over Covid restrictions will shift to local governments as states stop requiring them. This means they will be able to decide what’s best for their own communities.

If you live in New York City, for example, you have to get vaccinated if you want to go inside.

It doesn’t matter that the state wants to stop making people wear face masks. Los Angeles County isn’t going to change its rules.

That shows where this whole thing is going. This week, Dr. Fauci told the Financial Times that as the country moves out of the “full-blown” phase, “decisions will more and more be made on a local level rather than centrally decided or mandated.”

I’m talking about major decisions now.

Individual states are taking a more cautious approach because of still high death rates and because we thought Covid was over and done with when new variants came out.

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