Daily Column – 11th April 2022

People in France are voting for a new president, and that could cause even more chaos across Europe. Macron, the current president, and Marine Le Pen, the far-right candidate, are going to face off in a second election in two weeks after a close first round of votes yesterday. It looked like Macron got 28.1 … Read more

Daily Column – 10th April 2022

She is known as Katie Gatti, or “Money with Katie,” and she joined Morning Brew in January. #RichGirls around the world can get their hands on newsletters, podcast episodes, and Instagram posts from her. During a Zoom call, we talked to Katie and her cat, who loves them. We talked about how stressful it was … Read more

Daily Column – 9th April 2022

Shanghai, a city of 25 million people, will spend another Saturday in lockdown. They’ve been there for more than a week. They aren’t happy. Because the pandemic is more than two years old and effective vaccines are widely available, the extended lockdown is straining residents’ patience with their government’s extreme “Zero Covid” approach. This is … Read more

Daily Column – 8th April 2022

Starting pay for in-house truck drivers will go up from $87,000 to between $95,000 and $110,000 in order to get those Instant Pots to where they need to be more quickly. Google “How to become a truck driver.” People who work at Walmart will also be trained to become truck drivers through a 12-week course. … Read more

Daily Column – 7th April 2022

To start the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami yesterday, the city put up a 3,000-pound bull statue to show that the city is the “future of finance.” A lot of the things about Miami’s plan to become the world’s crypto capital aren’t clear. On the event: More than 25,000 people have come to Miami to … Read more

Daily Column – 6th April 2022

The “Battle to Become the Internet King,” or “Space Race 2.0,” is heating up. Amazon announced a multibillion-dollar investment in its satellite internet service just yesterday. Amazon’s counterpart to SpaceX’s Starlink, Project Kuiper, has secured up to 83 launches over the next five years to transport its intended fleet of over 3,000 satellites into orbit. … Read more

Daily Column – 5th April 2022

After purchasing a 9.2 percent investment in Twitter on March 14, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has become the company’s largest outside stakeholder. After the transaction was reported yesterday, Twitter shares jumped 27%, implying Musk had profited more than $1 billion on paper in just a few weeks. Doesn’t he have enough on his … Read more

Daily Column – 4th April 2022

After heartbreaking photographs of dead civilians circulated on the internet this weekend, Western leaders promised to increase economic pressure on Russia. Ukrainian troops and Western media poured into the city’s suburbs this weekend as Russian forces retreated from the region surrounding Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. They discovered a large number of persons dressed in civilian clothes … Read more

Daily Column- 3rd April 2022

The blockchain ecosystem is as wild as one of those gigantic inflatables at the car dealership, with the debut of a billion NFT initiatives and other crypto experiments (DeFi apps, DAOs, etc.). But there’s one company that’s giving it a leg up: Alchemy. Founded in August 2017, the company was valued at more than $10 … Read more

Daily Column – 2nd April 2022

Pete Davidson isn’t the most well-known Staten Islander any longer. Employees at an Amazon warehouse in the city decided to unionise, making it the company’s first site to do so. It is one of the most significant victories for organised labour in decades. Employees voted 2,654 in favour of the union and 2,131 against. More … Read more