NFT’s and Taxes

The National Financial Technology Coalition reports that the new year will bring a lot of tax changes with it. In the United States, in particular, this includes big changes to tax laws for cryptocurrency-related transactions. NFTs are also expected to be expanded on a global scale after being embraced by many to avoid capital gains … Read more

How the controversial crypto tax found its way into the potential US infrastructure bill

A tax on digital currency transactions has been suggested in a bill being considered within the US. This piece examines the possible ramifications of such a tax. It discusses the current state of crypto taxation around the world. With more and more businesses accepting cryptos, it’s likely that a transaction-based tax will become increasingly more … Read more

Daily column – 4th August 2021

Vaccinating New York New York City was the first major city in the United States to enforce vaccinations for indoor activities. All indoor facilities, including bars, gyms, Broadway performances, and Marie’s Crisis, which mixes all three, will need evidence of immunisation, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. Children under the age of 12 who do … Read more

Gary Gensler – SEC Chair & Now Crypto Cop

Bitcoin has been dubbed “rat poison” by business legend Charlie Munger. It has the potential to create “world peace,” according to Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. Gary Gensler, the chairman of the SEC, has an opinion on the matter. Let’s go with “rat peace,” which is somewhere in the centre. Wall Street’s top cop … Read more

End of Covid Boom?

COVID devastated a majority of people, economies and governments worldwide, barring a lucky few COVID was the boom they had never seen. These companies albeit a few really raked it in with people unable to physically do anything other than shop online or simply browse. To name a few, companies like Amazon, Citrix, Zoom, Pinterest, … Read more

daily column – 16th july 2021

Regulators have placed a target on Stablecoin as a result of some actions taken in the financial regulator group chat. Since the mention of Stablecoin from worldwide officials, the coin has been in constant flux. Janet Yellen made the conversation live over Twitter the other day as she spoke with prominent financial officials to discuss … Read more

Bitcoin tried, just not too hard!

So in the last two days, Bitcoin has attempted to try and breach the 40K mark. And it did, but unfortunately was not able to sustain it. Bitcoin along with other crypto currencies has been struggling the last couple of weeks. A standard brought about to challenge the fundamentals of the existing Government promoted banking … Read more

daily column – 22nd july 2021

In France, large leisure and cultural facilities like museums, sports stadiums, and movie theaters will now demand evidence of immunization or a negative Covid-19 test. And that’s only the beginning: starting in August, vaccination will be required to access other establishments such as cafés and restaurants. Last week, President Emmanuel Macron proposed these steps to … Read more