Daily Column – 16th February 2022

Avocado imports from Mexico, which supplies about 80% of avocados in the United States, have been stopped “until further notice.” Exactly at the same time that avocado prices were going up to a record high because of things like worker shortages, we learned about the news. Why not stop imports? Over the phone, one of … Read more

Daily Column – 15th February 2022

The Texas two-step is a popular dance format that many people who go to country-western bars in the United States like to do. It’s also a controversial corporate strategy that’s been getting a lot of attention in the last few weeks. Thousands of people have claimed that talc-based products made them sick, so Johnson & … Read more

Daily Column – 14th February 2022

The Russia–Ukraine crisis kept getting worse over the weekend, with the U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan saying that a Russian invasion could happen “almost at any time.” They say Russia doesn’t plan to move into Ukraine, but its military has more than 130,000 troops on its side of the border. A lot of money … Read more

Daily Column – 13th February 2022

During the 1980s, Michael Lewis was a young bond salesman who made a lot of money on Wall Street. He eventually quit his job to write a book about the sloppy, over-the-top behaviour he saw in the finance world. Liar’s Poker was the book that made him famous. Never before have so many 24-year-olds made … Read more

Daily Column – 11th February 2022

This newsletter might have to be paid for at the rate of inflation. As a measure of inflation, the consumer price index, which is used by the US government, jumped 7.5 percent for its fastest year-over-year growth in 40 years. Inflation also didn’t seem to be slowing down. It rose 0.6 percent each month, the … Read more

Daily Column – 10th February 2022

We’re about to find out how many of you haven’t used your toothbrush during the pandemic. It looks like New York is joining a wave of other states that have recently announced that they will no longer make businesses and schools require people to wear masks indoors. All of these states said this week that … Read more

Daily Column – 9th February 2022

You can already see what the “storey most likely to be made into a competing original film on Apple TV and Hulu” will be in 2022, which is only February. On Tuesday, authorities arrested a husband and wife who were accused of trying to hide 119,754 stolen bitcoin worth $4.5 billion. That’s her above. Ilya … Read more

Daily Column – 7th February 2022

In order to start the week off right, let’s look at what Russia has done on the border between Russia and Ukraine. The US government said this weekend that Russia has at least 70% of what it needs to invade Ukraine. In the words of National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan yesterday, a move into Ukraine … Read more