What happened to the journalist who put out Mahsa Amini’s story?

Mahsa Amini

Until the day she took a picture of Mahsa Amini’s parents holding hands at a hospital in Tehran where their daughter was receiving treatment for a coma, Niloofar Hamedi, an Iranian journalist specialising in women’s rights, was able to publish horrifying stories without being discovered for years. The image, which Hamedi posted on Twitter on … Read more

5 Unnecessary Wastes of Money you don’t think about

Unnecessary Wastes of Money

There are some obvious suggestions for saving money, like taking the coach, eating less out, or giving up pricy vices like smoking. Some tactics, like choosing less expensive motels when travelling or buying a used automobile rather than a new one, are infrequent enough to make them impracticable for regular savings. These are great ideas, … Read more

Hong Kong To Allow More Than 400k Flights to Enhance Tourism

500,000 people may be eligible to take advantage of complimentary long-distance flights as part of a plan to encourage more people to purchase airline tickets. The Hong Kong airport administration has confirmed that plans to distribute 500,000 tickets that were pre-purchased two years ago are going as planned. The idea is to charge clients to … Read more

Arsenal vs Liverpool: Match

Arsenal vs Liverpool

After less than a minute on Sunday, Gabriel Martinelli, the game’s outstanding player, scored on Martin Odegaard’s through ball to give Arsenal a fantastic victory. Arsenal had previously lost to Liverpool in July 2020 and had gone six games without scoring against them. Darwin Nunez (34) duly answered for a resurgent Liverpool, but Arsenal finished … Read more

Manchester United was mauled by Manchester City in a riveting clash as Erling Haaland and Phil Foden scored 3 goals each


In a decisive 6-3 victory over rival Manchester United on Sunday, Erling Haaland and Phil Foden each scored a hat trick to help Manchester City maintain its perfect Premier League record. Man City blew Manchester United’s attempts to stop them in the first half at the Etihad, racing into a dominant four-goal lead, beginning with … Read more

Download Android Apps In Microsoft Windows 11

According to Microsoft, support for Android apps on Windows 11 will be publicly launched in a number of countries, increasing the total to 21. Despite only being available in Japan and the US earlier, Windows 11 finally made it possible to handle Android apps in February. Microsoft claims that on September 27, it started marketing … Read more

NASA Spacecraft Crashes Tragically

A NASA spacecraft purposely collided with an asteroid on Monday as part of a historic test of humanity’s ability to protect Earth from a potentially catastrophic collision with space rock. The organization’s DART probe, which stands for Double Asteroid Redirection Test, carried out the revolutionary procedure on the harmless and small asteroid named Dimorphos, which … Read more