Angelica Castro Photos: Chilean actress, model, TV host, and businesswoman Angelica Castro is beautiful, appealing, alluring, and hot. Angelica Castro is now living in Florida. Angelica Castro gets married to Cristian de la Fuente in 2002. They have a daughter together.

Angelica Castro is married or single. People who are married to Angelica Castro: Who is her husband?

When Angelica Castro gets married, she will be a mother. She has a husband named Cristian de la Fuente.

Angica Castro is how old is she and when did she get born?

Angelica Castro is 49 years old, so she is old enough to be in her 50s. She was born on May 11, 1972.

Angelica Castro’s height is how tall she is, in feet.

When Angelica Castro’s height is unknown, we don’t know how tall she is.

What does Angelica Castro make each year?

Angelica Castro makes about $1-$5 million a year.

Angelica Castro took a picture that was very hot, so

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