Crypto set to rise with US dollar losses suggests Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, the world’s most famous investor and adviser on money matters, believes that crypto will rise in the coming months due to rising interest rates and a weakening US dollar.

Kiyosaki made this prediction on Twitter, with his words being picked up by major news outlets such as CNBC. Kiyosaki has seen his predictions come true before – he predicted that the Dow Jones Industrial Average would end at 25000 before 2020, and it eventually got there last month.

His prediction of a strengthening crypto market stems from the fact that the US dollar will cause US stocks to fall and investors looking for somewhere stable to place their money. This will result in a renewed interest in crypto, which is seen as one of the most stable investment vehicles on the planet compared to a fiat currency.

Crypto isn’t the only one set to make gains from an unstable US dollar – oil and gold are also set to rise in value due to the US dollar. Both of these items suffer fluctuations in value when other major currencies do and will result in increasing interest from investors as a result.

Kiyosaki has been making some interesting predictions about the future over recent months. This is because he has since gone into TV production and is now floating ideas for various shows about money matters. He has discussed a ‘post-Bitcoin world’, where national ones replace major cryptocurrencies.

While his predictions may seem far-fetched, they have an air of believability to them that’s hard to disagree with. He has seen a number of his predictions come true since he started predicting things on Twitter, so it could be one of your best bets when it comes to making financial decisions.

The time is right to buy your first Bitcoin

As the price of Bitcoin continues its headlong approach towards $5000, many are skeptical about investing in cryptocurrency. After all, what good is it when it is so volatile? That being said, as a wealth manager at an investment management firm, I would like you to know that despite its rollercoaster journey, there are great things to be said about this new asset.

For instance, Bitcoin will likely never go bust. It is the ultimate in deflationary assets (everything on this planet goes into general deflation). The only other asset that will always be guaranteed to go up is gold, and even gold has been known to have its corrections.

I assure you that if you are a long-term investor that buys in now, bitcoin will continue to climb over the coming years and will show a steady, predictable increase in value. My first recommendation is to buy one bitcoin. There are many different ways to purchase these coins, but here is a simple method I use:

  1. Create a small investment account with either an online brokerage or broker. (I use Robinhood)
  2. Purchase one bitcoin using the Robinhood app.
  3. Place a small order to sell the bitcoin you just bought for at least $950. This step lowers your cost of entry and also gives you exposure to price fluctuations in the short run, but especially over the long term,

Finally, accept that cryptocurrency is going to be a part of our world for the foreseeable future. It will continue to grow, and if you are well-educated about it, you could someday become a millionaire.

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