5 Fun Indoor Activities In Delhi For When It’s Raining Too Hard

Is the monsoon raining all over your parade? Lucky for you, Delhi is an amazing city which has a lot to offer even in extreme weathers; without burning you under the scorching heat or drenching you in the muddy rainwater. Here is a small list of some interesting places in and around Delhi where you can have loads of fun indoors.

Trampoline Park

When was the last time you jumped like a kid for no reason at all? The probability was it on your best friend’s birthday where they had organised the bouncy Mickey mouse balloon. Relive your childhood memories with your old friends at SkyJumper Trampoline Park. 

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Indoor Snow Games

Missing winters? No need to wait for December. You can go to the snow world in Greater Noida, where you can enjoy temperature as low as -10 degree! Apart from, of course, having snow fights, you can also indulge in some snow-based activities like sledging and ice skating. So, no more whiling away your time at home on a Saturday or Sunday, doing nothing.

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Life-like Mystery Games

Do you love mystery and escape room games?  If you do, Codebreak 60 is just the right space for you. Here you will find life-like crime scenes and escape room games where you’ll need to solve mysteries and crack cases within 60 minutes. You can go here in pairs or in a large group. 

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If you love speed, this indoor game is made for you. If you don’t know how to drive, don’t worry. Explore how fast can you do at Pit stop Gurugram. Generally, you need to wait for your turn to go Go-Karting, till then you can checkout there other gaming options like bowling, pool and many more. 

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