10 Best Online Jobs from Home

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative internet jobs. Here you are working as a middleman between a merchant and customers.

I give you one of the best example to understand the concept of affiliate marketing.

Amazon provides affiliate marketing opportunity to the people. If you join affiliate program of Amazon and promote Amazon through a website, a social account or other methods, Amazon will pay you every time a customer buys from your affiliate link.

Here are the simple steps to make money with affiliate marketing-

  1. You join an affiliate program of a company
  2. You get the special affiliate link (unique for each affiliate) from the company
  3. You promote the product of that company with that affiliate link
  4. You get paid when someone buys through your link. Many companies pay you even for free signup on their website.

There are hundreds of best affiliate programs available on the internet. You can join any program according to your interest and commission and promote this to make money.

There are various methods for promoting affiliate program. Here are some of the best methods you can use.

  1. Starting a niche website (on a particular topic)
  2. Social media platforms (YouTube, FB, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc)
  3. Paid Marketing (Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube, Native media)
  4. Quora and Medium
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