‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Premiere: Craziest Moments and Burning Questions From Two Episodes Full of Bruising, Boozing and Big Belt Buckles

Synopsis: “Yellowstone” is back, and Kevin Costner’s John Dutton won the governor’s race. But don’t worry—he abhors it completely!

Season 5 of Yellowstone

The craziest moments and most pressing questions from the first two episodes of the fifth season of “Yellowstone,” which featured plenty of blood, boozing, and large belt buckles

This contains spoilers for “YellowstoneSeason “‘s 5 premiere, which aired on the Paramount Network on November 13th.

John Dutton (Kevin Costner), a former governor, has been re-elected in “Yellowstone.” But fear not—he abhors it! The job is solely focused on protecting his family’s land, despite Market Equities’ attempts and all the adversaries the Dutton family has amassed over the years.

John’s children are travelling with him: the legendary Beth (Kelly Reilly), who is willing to die for the family; human weasel Jamie (Wes Bentley), who has been neutered as a consequence of Beth’s blackmail after he kills his original father; and livestock officer Kayce (Kelly Reilly).

The major two-episode opening of this season left us with a lot of unresolved issues and stray ideas, which are listed below in real time.

“One Hundred Years is Nothing,” the first episode

Has any other candidate ever been as depressed about winning the governorship as John?

John doesn’t want to represent the whole of Montana. When his opponent, Mr. East Coast Liberal Venti Latte, calls to concede, at least he tells the truth.

Is the moment when everyone rushes out of the campaign war room to celebrate Jamie’s lowest point when he is still inside and the lights go out? Embarrassing!

As the confetti falls, Beth casts a menacing look towards Jamie.

How is it possible that didn’t crack open his skull?

It’s important to recognise Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver), who threw the entire bottle of whiskey in addition to her glass out of rage. She is furious!

Episode 1 of Season 5 of Yellowstone

Jamie, are you still so ignorant to work with Market Equities? Anything he suggests will be met with great scepticism by his family.

Young Beth is played excellently by Kylie Rogers. A “Gossip Girl”-style spinoff centred on the youthful bunkhouse might be Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming endeavour.

The lengthy, passionate scenes starring Rip and Beth (Cole Hauser) are fantastic, but kind of Rip’s of right? Beth appeared to have expressed regret for the past on several occasions. The situation is fine! Look ahead for a moment.

Why didn’t Chris Pratt’s wife Katherine Schwarzenegger dress as Beth for Halloween if she dressed as Rip? There are several costume options that are, quite simply, more amusing than a garden fairy. And before anyone gets too fired up, their two adorable kids were dressed as a butterfly and a bumblebee, and the garden fairy clothing was connected to them. But let’s host a party and dress up those kids as Lil’ Jamie and Lil’ Governor Dutton!

Vodka “makes me happy,” claims Beth. Is it finally time for the binge-drinking Duttons to receive support? That’s a fairly gloomy remark in the context of this conversation about “finding your happiness”!

Kayce and his family are in Yellowstone.

Would it be OK for Kayce and his family to have their own show? They began to feel increasingly out of place in the political intrigue and rancher drama of the main storyline last season. Perhaps a spinoff in the vein of “Walker, Texas Ranger” where we discover more about his family, his fellow lawmen, and the real morals of the cattle agents. These anecdotes, such as the fact that the fancy-pants, free-healthcare-loving Canadians at the border relinquished control since American prisons are renowned for being harsher on criminals than our criminal-loving northern neighbours, seem less credible.

The Shane Smith and the Saints performance serves as a reminder of how excellent of an alt-country soundtrack “Yellowstone” has. There are a tonne of hits on the concert’s official Spotify playlist.

“The Sting Of Wisdom,” episode two

Brecken Merrill is excellent in a cramped situation when Tate tries to flee the car accident and then experiences shock and panic while looking for his mother.

sending 911 a pin with your location…

Tate’s action was really clever!

The load is beginning to increase…

Rip’s tasselled chaps and enormous belt buckle are a good place to start.

Jim Roberts, the chief of staff, ought to have introduced himself to Governor Dutton sooner in this transition.

Season 5 of Yellowstone has a pronounced political turn.

It’s funny to watch John struggle as he realises his ideal of a life a la Ron Swanson, always missing meetings, won’t advance him politically.

What a tragic event! If you’re in need of some emotional support, head here to view a collection of images featuring dogs in cowboy garb. If they were in charge, Yellowstone Ranch might not function as effectively, but wouldn’t it be adorable?

Rip was forced to kill a horse? Like this episode wasn’t bad enough already. Jeez!

*We never anticipated seeing a mountain cyclist — checks notes — try to flirt with Beth, but good luck!

Nothing compares to a traditional five-degree Beth burn. Magnifique!

*Another “Yellowstone” special: When someone asks, “What the hell are you doing?,” approach them and sucker punch them in the face without saying anything.

Rip has unmatched skills in intimidation and persuasion. The driftwood and wolf collar plot is extremely ingenious, even though none of his plans this season come close to packing a hazardous snake in a cooler, shaking it, and throwing it in a man’s face.

Will John hook up with Clara, his new assistant, who is played by Lilli Kay? Although he enjoys younger ladies, this is too much for him. Will he allow Summer (Piper Perabo), his protester fling, remain imprisoned or will he formally pardon her?

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