Who is X:in’s Aria? Gauthami, born in Kerala, is the second K-pop artist from India.

After Sriya Lenka from BLACKSWAN, who is also of Indian descent, joined K-pop, Aria from X:in, who is presently going viral for her origins; let’s read the details.


The cultural obsession and prevalence of K-pop in Korea are currently unparalleled. We’re sure you’ve met people, notably members of Generation Z, who are obsessed with BTS and BlackPink. From Netflix series to beauty regimens, the Korean surge has permeated the ordinary lives of Asian youth.

K-pop, also known as Korean popular music, is a well-known musical genre that originated in South Korea. Several musicians have entered the industry as a result of the influence and expanding popularity of K-pop.

Young people are intrigued in K-pop and want to work in the industry due to its global popularity. Obviously, only a few achieve success in the field. This also originates in India! Aria is the most recent K-pop artist of Indian descent to enter the industry, following Sriya Lenka of BLACKSWAN. Are you not already interested?

In 2022, Ami, Aria’s original stage name, joined GBK Entertainment. She enrolled in their online training programme Universe, which concentrates on identifying females who can debut as members of a girl group. She reportedly declined the opportunity to make her debut with the group MEP-C.

In March, she included the video announcing the lineup for the 44th K-Stage Yes or No event, which featured X:IN. Undeniably, Aria’s selection as a gang member was revealed in this manner. On April 11, 2023, X:IN released their first full-length album, Keeping the Fire.

A Korean-Australian, two Koreans, a Russian, and an Indian make up the multicultural ensemble. In addition to Nova, Roa, Chi.u, and E.sha, the group also includes Roa, Chi.u, and E.sha.

Aria, née Gauthami, is the second Indian K-pop star to debut with a group. Sriya, formerly known as Shreya Lenka from Odisha, was the first Indian to join the K-pop ensemble Blackswan (formerly Raina). Aria was born in Kerala on March 12, 2003, and she has appeared in a Malayalam film.

In 2011, she portrayed Ammu in the Malayalam film Melvilasom. Due to her doll-like features and unusual nationality, she has gone viral in Korean and Chinese communities.

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