Urfi Javed ‘Fruity’ Look: Fans React to New Pictures of Urfi Javed Wearing a Bra Made of Kiwis

Unfortunately, Urfi Javed is at it again. On last month’s cover shot for DIRTY Magazine, the fashion diva who dazzled admirers with her eccentric and blistering hot outfit sported a provocative bra crafted from Kiwi fruits.

Urfi Javed 'Fruity' Look

Urfi has a large following because of the way her unconventional style has revolutionised the fashion industry. When it comes to the latest fashions, though, the diva doesn’t care who she offends. Urfi has published a new video to her official Instagram account, in which she wears a peculiar homemade bra made from Kiwi fruits, much to the delight of her admirers.

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