Manchester United was mauled by Manchester City in a riveting clash as Erling Haaland and Phil Foden scored 3 goals each


In a decisive 6-3 victory over rival Manchester United on Sunday, Erling Haaland and Phil Foden each scored a hat trick to help Manchester City maintain its perfect Premier League record.

Man City blew Manchester United’s attempts to stop them in the first half at the Etihad, racing into a dominant four-goal lead, beginning with a Foden goal on minute eight, followed by goals from Haaland and Foden in short succession. Foden added a fourth goal right before halftime.

Antony’s stunning left-footed goal, his second in as many Premier League games for the team, gave United a chance to come back, but Haaland soon put the game away, and Foden added a third goal of his own on the 73rd minute.

Haaland is the only player in Premier League history to score in three straight games played at home.

Anthony Martial, a striker for United, scored two consolation goals in the final ten minutes of the game—the first from the penalty spot and the second, a header—but he was unable to challenge City’s emphatic triumph in the Manchester derby.

With Sunday’s outcome, City is now only one point behind Arsenal, the current leader.

What can I say, it’s unbelievable that we scored six goals, Haaland told Sky Sports. “It’s fantastic to win reception and score six goals.

“You constantly experience it. The passes we grant to one another will be visible to you. We always want to move forward and launch an assault. It’s what I genuinely appreciate about the group.

Despite the ease with which City won, manager Pep Guardiola was reserved in his praise.

Guardiola stated that perfection is impossible and does not exist. But we must make an effort to search there. We played well, but there is always room for improvement. A lot of guys made careless passes. This might not be good. We need to be more reliable. We still weren’t very good in several areas.

Some guys needed to improve because they weren’t very excellent today.

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