Oops! With Their Artwork, These Brilliant Youngsters Unwittingly Revealed Their Parents’ Deepest, Darkest Family Secrets.

The best quote is “Kids say the silliest things.” In this instance, children drew odd items that represented their parents’ secret behaviours. Here are the funniest drawings from children.

Problems Related to More Weight

This is one of those early elementary school assignments in which children learn to compose complete sentences. The child completing their assignment took the initiative to produce a creative and honest response despite the absence of background. The child responded, “My father,” when asked who ate the most at the picnic. He is obese. He has a dilemma.” That is one way to address a child’s growing weight problem, but the parent in this situation would prefer that it not be addressed at the child’s teacher and classmates. The unvarnished truth is the one thing you can always count on from children.


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