Monday Declared As The Worst Day In A Week

Are there truly Monday blues? Do you too struggle to get back to work after a very restful weekend? Or do you belong to the group of people who are depressed every Sunday night? Therefore, you are not actually alone. Guinness World Records has declared Monday to be the “worst day of the week.” Not joking around here.

The update was tweeted by the record keeper. We are formally announcing that today is the worst day of the week.

Twitter users were compelled to share their thoughts on the latest recent record.

The fictitious character from the video game and animated film “Red the Angry Bird” was one of the first to post a comment on the page. “Took you long enough,” it read.

Why are Mondays so despised by people?

The same query plagues everyone who works in organisations or in any other setting: “Why does Monday arrive?” It’s fairly common to feel bad on Monday, the first day of every week. It’s not that it’s Monday that’s the problem; it’s just that Monday always comes after the weekend. The only reason Monday can give people anxiety and frustration is because it marks the end of the weekend.

Employed people look forward to the weekend all week and beg God to postpone the dreadful Monday when it finally arrives. It is unfortunate that Monday cannot be postponed, though.

Theoretically, why is Monday so annoying?

The dream of sleeping on Monday seems unreal.

Some of us sleep in on the weekends in an effort to make up for the lack of sleep we get during the weekday. Some people just don’t get enough shut-eye on the weekends. Whatever the reason, some of us can’t wait to wake up on Monday.

If you sleep in a little bit later each day on the weekends, your body clock may be off by as much as 45 minutes, making it harder and harder to wake up on Monday.

The weekend’s end

Most people detest Mondays because they follow two days of freedom and enjoyment. But to the majority, that’s just fantasy. The weekend is when you complete your household responsibilities, such as cleaning, shopping, fixing, and purchasing, whether you are single or in charge of a family.

Weekends are therefore not what they first appear to be. Even then, there are numerous instances in which you may decide to say nothing and behave as you choose, making Monday a difficult shock to swallow.

Changing from a relaxing Sunday

Scientists have shown that when people are asked to regularly track their emotions, Mondays are no more stressful or depressed than Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. Only because they are eager for the weekend do people love Fridays. Apart from that, working is dreadful every day.

However, if you ask them to name the worst day they can remember, Monday is always the response. This is because there is a greater emotional shift from Sunday—a happy weekend day—to Monday—a work day—than there is from two work days.

Some Monday Inspiration

The first day of the week’s work is technically a day you cannot avoid. So let’s just get inspired a little and treat Mondays with some respect.

Mondays mark the beginning of a regular week. It aids in the realisation that our eagerly anticipated weekend is over and that it is now time to get back to work. However, despite the fact that the bulk of us are sleepy and still processing the weekend’s end, we must force ourselves to return to work mode.

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