How to Activate and Use an Epic Games Account on Fall Guy?

Fall Guys is a free game for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, but there are a few things you need to do after downloading it if you want to get the most out of it. If you’re playing Fall Guys for the first time after the aptly named Season 1 Free For All update, you might be prompted to activate your Epic Games account. Why does this matter in any way? We can assist you with that, of course.

Fall Guys was first made available through Devolver Digital. But in March 2021, Epic Games acquired the Tonic Games Group (which also included Mediatonic, the company behind Fall Guys).

As a result, gamers had to download a new launcher in the middle of Season 6, and Fall Guys required you to sign in with your Epic Games account. This feature in Fall Guys allows for crossplay and, more importantly, cross-progression.

Since Fortnite and Rocket League are two of Epic Games’ biggest multi-platform free-to-play games, Fall Guys has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from it. You can play with your pals regardless of the platform, and all of your Fall Guys skins will be available everywhere you play. All you need to know is how to link your accounts.

A large open battlefield is entered by 100 players as they compete for resources and weapons in the majority of battle royale games. Ultimately, whoever is still alive wins. The most popular battle royale games typically provide helpful crossplay and cross-progression features because they are available on the majority of gaming platforms. Fall Guys doesn’t play like the majority of other battle royale games, but thanks to a recent update, it now supports the same cross-platform capabilities.

Activating Epic Games on Fall Guys: How to?

Signing into Fall Guys is all that is necessary to activate your Epic Games account there and connect it to your Epic Games account.

As soon as Fall Guys launches, you should be prompted to join the two accounts. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your Epic Games account using Fall Guys on the desired platform in order to connect the two.

You should be able to do this by either scanning a QR code, which is more easier, or by clicking on an on-screen link that takes you to a website.

By linking your Epic Games account with your Fall Guys account on PlayStation, you can use the progress from that account going forward. Therefore, if you plan to play Xbox games in the future, you must finish all of these tasks through your Xbox.

If you’ve been playing on PlayStation and want to switch to Xbox, you must first activate Epic Games on this Fall Guys account and make it the “primary” on PlayStation.

If you’ve made a few mistakes, the actions described below will allow you to switch your “main” Fall Guys account:

click here to see Fall Guys Support

Choose “Submit A Request” under “Epic Games Accounts”

Choose “Update Primary Platform Profile / Primary Profile Switch” from one drop-down option after choosing “Epic Games Accounts: Profile and Items Transfers” from another.

Choose your preferred primary platform from the available options and complete the remaining fields before submitting the form.

Following that, you ought to get an email asking you to confirm that you want to transfer your accounts to a new main platform. It should then be finished as if by magic!

If you missed anything, you should be able to connect the dots by going to the Epic Games website.

After checking in and going to the connections page, you should be able to link your PSN, Xbox, and Nintendo accounts by selecting “Account” from the drop-down option next to your account name.

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