How about you? Urfi Javed stuns followers with a dark green attire reminiscent of a hammock net.

Urfi Javed is up to his old tricks again. Last month, a fashion icon won over legions of followers with a series of funny and scorching hot cover shoot photos for DIRTY Magazine.

Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed is up to his old tricks again. The fashion icon who stunned followers with last month’s quirky and scorching hot DIRTY Magazine cover shoot photographs sported a daring dark green hammock-net-inspired costume.

The paparazzi were able to catch Urfi Javed today at the Talkies studios in Mumbai. She wowed them with her bold choice of a daring dark green hammock-net combo.

After appearing on the cover of DIRTY Magazine, Urfi Javed became the darling of every Indian fashion designer. Her dark green hammock-net inspired ensemble dress was both beautiful and seductive.

Urfi Javed dresses the part in an edgy, risk-taking attire reminiscent of a dark green hammock net. With her zany homemade ensemble, she is quite stunning.

Urfi has chosen a smokey eye makeup style, gajra for her long black hair, dark plum lip colour, and lengthened eyelashes to complement her do it yourself dark green hammock net themed costume.

Urfi Javed shows off her toned physique in an inventive attire inspired by the style of a dark green hammock net.

Urfi was really stunning, especially in her daring dark green hammock-net inspired attire. She braided her long, jet-black hair and accessorised with a gajra to maintain her attractive appearance. She has added to the glitz and grace of her ensemble with a pair of green stiletto shoes.

Urfi is the daring, ultimate fashion queen because of her uninhibited nature. Urfi Javed’s do-it-yourself (DIY) and sizzling ensemble attire inspired by dark green hammock net is an original concept that combines daring and flair.

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