Daily Column – 8th October 2021

A huge Gulp of the data of Twitch was poured out by a hacker, the hacker had uploaded 125 GB of secrets stolen from Twitch to an anonymous site of imageboard 4chan. The data that was leaked included:

  1. Source code of the platform along with the changes that were made to the code that was from the 2011 launch of Twitch.
  2. The details were shared on a rumoured competitor to an online gaming store called Steam. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Apple as well as Amazon which owns Twitch is feeling FOMO.
  3. The records of the price that have been paid to the creators for streaming their videos on Twitch since 2019’s August… and it has been a fair amount:
  4. Eighty-one streamers have been paid above one million dollars since 2019’s August.
  5.  A voice actors group who had streamed themselves while playing Dungeons & Dragons have earned the most, about 10 million dollars.

Why did the hacker go for Twitch?

The hacker wrote that they wish to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space” because the community of Twitch “is a disgusting toxic cesspool.” To note, they had also included #DoBetterTwitch to their post that they posted in 4chan. The hashtag that the hackers used became popular earlier in 2021 by the gamers who boycotted Twitch over the “hate raids”  when the users had banded together in order to barrage a channel with their insults.

Zooming out The industry of video games had been targeted this year for fosteration of toxic behaviour & hate speech. Activision Blizzard, the giant of Gaming got sued in July for the “persuasive ‘fray boy’ culture” that it had & its mistreatment towards the female employees.

The hacker has unanimously labelled the leak as “part one” of “an extremely poggers leak.”

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