Daily Column – 10th April 2022

She is known as Katie Gatti, or “Money with Katie,” and she joined Morning Brew in January. #RichGirls around the world can get their hands on newsletters, podcast episodes, and Instagram posts from her.

During a Zoom call, we talked to Katie and her cat, who loves them. We talked about how stressful it was to be young, anxious, and forced to buy a house.

This is what you said on Twitter: “So, I know who money with Katie is.'” Besides, who’s KATIE? I was in complete shock, and I couldn’t think of anything to say. It’s hard for me to think of myself in terms of how well I’ve done in the past. It made me think a lot.

Many young people are having a hard time figuring out who they are and who they want to be. Because I think that’s why.

I need to say that it’s possible that every generation goes through this.

If that’s the case, then I think that people’s economic lives are more uncertain than they used to be

There is a good reason why young people always have the least money. We’ve been alive the shortest amount of time. That’s why I think it’s bad when people who don’t have a lot of money feel like they’re living close to the edge. I think that’s because they think that financial ruin is just one misstep away, like if they get in an ambulance one time.

And look at all these young people who are making money by trading dogecoin or building online media empires, and you could do the same thing. Even though you aren’t, I mean, at this point, it’s a cesspool of anxiety, and I don’t think it can last. Even 30 years ago, life wasn’t as different as it is now. People are having an identity crisis because they want to feel like they know who they are.

Is there a big myth about personal finance right now?

Buying a house is a good thing to do. As a homeowner, you pay for things like property taxes, homeowner insurance, mortgage interest, maintenance and so on. It was a big realisation for me to know how much money you spend on things like these. Even though the housing market hasn’t been good for the last 18–24 months, that sounds crazy right now. You can’t buy a house and not have to worry about it going up in value the same way you can rent. That’s not what I used to think. I used to think that having a big house was a good investment. There are a lot of things that I think are bad about it.

How will you always treat yourself?

This is how I’m going to save myself some money. I will pay a lot for anything that makes my life easier.

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