Daily Column – 2nd March 2022

President Biden gave his first State of the Union address in the middle of the biggest ground war in Europe since World War II, the highest U.S. inflation in 40 years, and a pandemic that has killed more than 950,000 people in the U.S. We don’t want to be his speechwriters.

To deal with the war

The first part of the State of the Union didn’t even talk about our union. It talked about Ukraine’s. Joe Biden said that the Ukrainian people were brave and that NATO and its allies came together to help them. He also talked about how the Russian economy has been hurt by sanctions already.

As soon as Biden talked about Ukraine, many people wanted to know what he thought about the country. The most important thing for Biden to talk about before the speech was Russia and Ukraine, according to a CBS News poll. This was ahead of the economy, inflation, and COVID, which came in second and third.

People in the EU and Canada have already done this, so Biden said the US would do the same.

On the home front…

Biden talked about rising prices, which has become a problem for him in the polls.

He said that people in the United States were feeling the pinch, but he didn’t come up with any concrete solutions. For example, he said that the U.S. could cut its dependence on global supply chains by increasing manufacturing in the United States, but he didn’t say how. On that front, he talked about Intel’s plan to spend $20 billion on a chip-making plant in Ohio.

Biden also talked about the US’ progress in fighting Covid. It’s been two years now, can you believe it? The number of new cases has dropped more than 90% since January, and the federal government has recently eased up on the rules about wearing masks in many parts of the country. People still die every day from Covid, and Biden said that there could be new kinds of the drug.

A few more:

“We should all agree that the best thing to do is not to cut funding for the police.” It’s to pay for the police.”

If social media platforms want to profit from experimenting with our kids, we need to hold them accountable.

It says there are nine mentions of “people,” but only four of “fellow American.”

It’s the end of the storey: Biden wants to show that he can be steady in the face of a lot of problems, which could help Democrats in November. A big problem: His approval rating has dropped from 53% in January 2021 to 41% now, which is a big drop.

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