Daily Column – 2nd February 2022

NFL and each of its 32 teams are being sued by former head coach Brian Flores, who claims that they discriminated against Black coaches when hiring them.

New York Giants, Denver Broncos, and the Dolphins, which recently fired Flores after two straight winning seasons, are named in the lawsuit, which is being filed as a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that these teams discriminate against people who have disabilities. A few examples:

The lawsuit claims that the owner of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross, paid Flores to make the team “tank” ahead of the 2019 season in order to get a better draught pick. Ross offered Flores $100,000 for each loss, the lawsuit says.

Flores said the Giants did a “sham” interview with him to meet the Rooney Rule, which says teams must interview Black candidates for open jobs. Before they went with someone else, the Giants said that Flores was in the conversation “until the last minute.”

Also, Flores says that the Denver Broncos did not take him seriously when he interviewed there for the head coach job. Then-general manager John Elway and other members of his team are said to have been an hour late for an interview and looked like they were tired. The Broncos said that the claims were “blatantly false.”

People have always said that the NFL doesn’t have enough African-American coaches. Despite the fact that about 70% of the league’s players are Black, there is only one Black head coach at the moment.

“Diversity is at the heart of everything we do,” the NFL said in a statement. “We will fight back against these false claims, which have no basis,” the statement said.

Flores wants to know what he should do.

Another thing he wants is…

Unknown damages.

More information about the pay of GMs, head coaches, and coordinators will be made public.

Some more Black people will be hired and fired as coaches and in front office jobs.

Flores said in a statement that suing the NFL could hurt his chances of getting a job in the NFL in the future. Because I’m fighting racism in the NFL, I hope other people will join me and help make a difference for generations to come.

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