Daily Column – 25th September 2021

After an open firing took place in Tennessee at Kroger grocery store within a Collierville, 14 people were injured and at least one person got killed.  9 victims were rushed to hospital and among them, not less than 4  are in critical condition. The gunman was also reportedly dead by one self-inflicted wound of the gunshot.

As per the reports, the shooter used to work for a third-party vendor who served a store that is located 30 miles away from Memphis city. When the attack happened, not less than 44 employees were there in the store along with multiple shoppers, the number is not specified. Some of the workers were found inside the freezer of the store while 1 was found trying to hide on the store’s roof. Police are searching for the motive.

FBI’s preliminary data shows that the rate of homicide has increased by somewhat 30% in the year 2020 which is the largest spike in a single year as per the record. That was seen between the years 1970 and 1990 were still below in levels compared to this.

The police are investigating to determine if violence at the workplace played a role behind the shooting in Kroger, the law enforcement sources said while talking to CNB News. The investigators are trying to find out if the gunman or the shooter was a disgruntled employee, said the sources. According to the sources, the situation is changing & fluid and it seems like there is no connection of terrorism with this attack that took place in the Kroger store in Tennessee.

Dale Lane the chief of Collierville Police has confirmed on Thursday that one of the victims is in surgery while another is in intensive care. The extent of injuries for the other victims is not yet clear.

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