Daily column – 23rd september 2021

The Capitol Hills’ lawmakers are preparing for a couple of showdowns in legislation for the next week and a half, that came to effect after the decisions that were made in the past two days.

The first decision has its focus on the debt ceiling and government funding. If Congress is unable to provide funding for 2022 by September 30’midnight, the government will be facing a shutdown. Similarly, according to the treasury department, Congress should raise the ceiling of debt by the middle of October to avoid any default. The House Democrats had passed the bill yesterday that paired short term fundings through December 3rd with an increase in the debt ceiling- a move that required the support of not less than ten Republican Senators.

House Democrats had also said that they have planned a bipartisan of $1.2T infrastructure for voting which is separate from the $3.5T budget bill of social spending. This move pits the moderates against the progressive. The moderates have been saying that they would be supporting only the deal of the infrastructure if the voting on the budget bill happens at the same time. It is not clear yet that what number of House Republicans will be in favour of the $ 1.2T bill.

The president of the United States Joe Biden is about to meet the democrats on the issue of hang in balance of the infrastructure bills and the budget bills.

The president is now personally taking an attempt for resolving divisions that are responsible for tearing apart the Congressional Democrats and which is even threatening the complete domestic agenda of the president.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden will meet the progressive and the moderate Democrats from the two houses of Congress.

The president’s goal is to initiate a compromise between the groups and make common ground on an infrastructure bill of $1trillion and an expansion of the net of social safety by more than $3 trillion.

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