Daily Column – 1st March 2022

Last week, we talked about how the West is using its banking power to cut Russia out of the global financial system.

But Russia is also being cut off in other ways, as well. A lot of people aren’t going to cultural events in the country because of its actions in Ukraine.

As an example, you won’t be able to see Russia’s football team at the World Cup this year. This week, FIFA and UEFA, two of the most important soccer groups in the world, said that Russia and Russian club teams would not be allowed to play in international competitions “until further notice.”

A big step up from FIFA’s first decision, which let the Russian team play, but only under the name “Football Union of Russia.” The move is a big step up from that. It’s also a stark example of Russia’s decline in the eyes of the public. If you lose your moral high ground to FIFA, which is known for corruption, you’ve really dug yourself into a big hole.

Other sports groups have also taken action against Russia.

Russian and Belarusian athletes should not be able to compete in international sports events, the International Olympic Committee said. This is to keep “the integrity of global sports competitions.”

In September, Formula 1 called off its Russian Grand Prix.

Vladimir Putin, who has a black belt in judo, was stripped of his honorary president and ambassador roles by the International Judo Federation. This is going to hurt.

The boycott goes beyond sports.

Companies in the entertainment field are cutting ties with Russia and people who support its government.

Yesterday, Disney, Warner Bros., and Sony said that they’re putting all of their upcoming theatrical movie releases in the United States on hold until the country is ready for them to come out.

For this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which is an annual European songwriting competition, Russia was not allowed to take part in.

The Metropolitan Opera in New York City is also cutting ties with artists and groups that have shown support for Vladimir Putin.

Western cultural groups have no choice but to cut ties with Russia because of public outrage at Putin and support for Ukraine.

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