Daily Column – 18th April 2022

As soon as Easter is over, today is a good time to start planning your summer trips. If you’re going to be away for a while in the next few months, you might want to take some ideas from Tom Hanks’ movie The Terminal: It’s going to be a mess, say people in the business.

A lot of people are going to want it. People are going on vacations, getting married, and going golfing with the boys in Myrtle Beach to make up for two years of cancelled plans. This is what people are doing to make up for the two years of cancelled plans. Some of the following:

February was the first month since the pandemic started that domestic ticket bookings and revenue went above what they were last year for the first time.

Another thing that JPMorgan says is true: Credit card spending on airlines is also higher than it was in 2019.

Last month, Delta President Glen Hauenstein said, “We’re seeing a rise in demand that is really out of this world.” The company said that March 2022 was its best sales month ever.

It’s true, though, that airlines are stretched thin.

When the sector went into hibernation in 2020, it was not ready for the surge in demand and has been scrambling to hire workers because there aren’t enough people to work. JetBlue hired 3,000 new crew members this year, but they say that’s not enough to meet some of their staffing needs in some places.

Resourcing problems aren’t just in the United States. UK airport Stansted told people who were going to fly during Easter to leave their luggage there 24 hours before the flight.

People on planes might find that extreme, but airlines are hoping that proactive steps like that will help ease some of the pain. This is what people on planes might think: During May, JetBlue plans to cut up to 10% of its flight capacity. This way, you know that your flight will be cancelled before you even book it.

Airlines could make a lot of money this summer if they can keep their operations going well. People in the United States have shown that they’re willing to spend a lot of money to get a glimpse of something that isn’t at their local grocery store. Airfare prices rose 10.7% in March from the previous month.

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