Daily Column – 27th September 2021

The voters in Germany have cast the votes yesterday in the national elections, where the early results indicate off shift in the balance in power of the Parliament in the country. The Social Democratic Party of Germany which is the centre-left was leading over Angela Merkel the outgoing Chancellor from the centre-right coalition with the lead of 1.6%.

There were above 40 parties which were running. Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the key issue was climate change in the race after more than one-eighty people got killed in the floods in July. The July floods were the worst natural disasters that happened in Germany in sixty years.

In 2018, Merkel had said that her current term is going to be the last one for her, she has been leading Germany since 2005. During Merkel’s tenure in office, the economy of Germany grew up to 34 per cent.

Between making public appearances, Angela Merkel is enjoying her last days in the office.

Narrow victory for Social Democrats

The Social Democratic Party have claimed their victory in Federal elections and said that the party of Angela Merkel is not going to be in power any longer.

The leader of the Social Democrats, Olaf Scolz had said he has got a clear mandate for the formation of the government, however Armin Laschet, the rival from the Conservatives is still determined to keep the fight on.

Both the parties have governed the country together for 2 years.

However, Mr Scolz has said that the time for forming a new coalition along with the liberals and the Greens has arrived.

As per the preliminary results, the Social Democrats have had a narrow victory over the worst performance of the Conservatives.

Despite this Mr Laschet had said as per the backing given by his party they will be entering into talks with the coalition partners , and thus pushing the Country towards a power struggle that is potentially protracted.

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