2022 Armie Hammer is selling his timeshare after going bankrupt.

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer

18 months after the debacle that wrecked his career, Armie Hammer is reportedly “absolutely bankrupt” and working out of a cubicle, marketing timeshares to tourists.

Armie Hammer was seen as a breakout talent before his career suffered as a result of abuse claims and other damaging details about his recent romantic connections with women that came to light.

Armie Hammer’s agents have reportedly issued new comments denying the claim that he worked as a hotel bellhop, which seems to have been a joke among Hammer’s buddies. Armie Hammer, who has resided in the Cayman Islands for the past few years, is currently selling timeshares at a hotel there, according to a source cited by Variety.

He sells timeshares at the resort where he works. He has a cubicle to work in, the person revealed. The truth is that he is completely broke and is working odd jobs to pay the bills and support his family. The reports that Hammer worked there were corroborated by the fact that he was seen outside the timeshare sales office in late June. Hammer is in the Cayman Islands, according to the source, to be closer to his two kids and ex-wife Elizabeth Chalmer. Prior to this, Hammer managed an apartment building.

Hammer was initially observed in late June standing in front of the timeshare sales office after it was learned he worked there.

The actor is seen in an image working at the office sporting a blue polo shirt. He was allegedly talking about a unit’s pricing with a couple while sitting in the audience.

The accusations that Armie Hammer is “completely broke” are extremely shocking given that, prior to his career’s abrupt downturn, people believed he had a lucrative job and was affluent because of family ties. The family fortune of his great-grandfather Armand Hammer is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fall from Grace by Armie Hammer

Trigger warning: Due to allegations of rape, emotional and sexual abuse, and cannibalism against Armie Hammer, the information that follows should be read with care.

Armie Hammer saw a spectacular decline in popularity early in 2021 as a result of numerous women, including his ex-girlfriends Courtney Vucekovich and Paige Lorenze, coming out with claims of emotional and sexual abuse.

In her opening statement, Courtney Vucekovich said, “He soon grooms you in the relationship. He is preparing you for these things by making you heavier, darker, and more consuming. When I say “consuming,” I don’t just mean physically; I also mean psychologically, emotionally, and financially.

You find up engaging in sexual actions, which is quite out of character for you.

When Paige Lorenze was asked about her relationship with Armie Hammer by Star Magazine, she revealed that while they were dating, he inscribed the letter “A” with a knife above her pubic bone. You can still see it, she said.

It was frightening and excruciatingly painful. He admitted to bragging about it to his pals, to me.

The veracity of screenshots cannot be verified, however on social media, screenshots of communications that Hammer purportedly shared with other women appeared to depict Hammer having cannibalistic obsessions along with dreams of raping, swallowing blood, and hurting his lovers. A lady accused Hammer of rape, leading to an LAPD inquiry. After the investigation, no accusations were made.

According to reports, Hammer checked himself into a treatment facility in June 2021 because of issues with drugs, alcohol, and sex. He later left the facility in December of the same year. All allegations have been rejected by Hammer, who maintains that he has only ever interacted with women with their consent.

The claims caused Armie Hammer to lose his job at his agency, WME, as well as any projects he was working on at the time. His professional life appears to have declined after that time.

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