Anushka Sharma has revealed that she has been acting in less films and that becoming a mother has caused her priorities to shift.

Anushka Sharma believes that she has developed a greater capacity for bravery and self-assurance in her life ever since she made the decision to have children of her own. Anushka and her husband Virat became parents to a daughter named Vamika in the year 2021. The famous actress revealed in a recent interview that ever since she gave birth to her child, her priorities have shifted, and she no longer seeks the favour of other people.

Anushka Sharma

During an event hosted by Puma in Bengaluru, Anushka shared the news that she and Virat had recently had the epiphany that Vamika is in more need of Anushka than they are. “I am well aware that my kid has reached an age where she needs a great deal more of my attention than she did in the past. Virat is an excellent example of a parent. He is a very involved and involved parent. Nevertheless, we have come to the conclusion that she is at that age where she needs me even more. That is not news to us at all. “As a result, I took those actions,” the actress explained.

Anushka, who was seen on screen for the final time in 2018, has decided that going forward, she will only participate in one film production per year. “I absolutely adore acting, but I don’t want to appear in as many films as I used to,” she said. She went on to say, “Even Virat makes sure to spend time with the family.” I want to act in one movie per year, take pleasure in the acting process, which is what I gravitate towards, and keep the rest of my life relatively balanced.

Anushka is of the opinion that becoming a mother has equipped her with the mental strength that she need because she is now responsible for making choices that affect both her and her child. “Being a mother has given me that because you have to trust yourself so much because you are making decisions for someone who is so young and, in many ways, not capable,” she said. “Because you are making decisions for someone who is so young and, in many ways, not capable.” As a direct consequence of this, you will eventually acquire a great deal more bravery and self-confidence. I believe that I am more courageous now compared to previously. Now I make decisions that, in the past, I never would have considered. I no longer have the same level of fear.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are a highly likeable and responsible couple in all other aspects of their private lives, in addition to being wonderful parents to their small daughter Vamika. The fact that neither member of the duo enjoys being a night owl and that they both adhere to a strict sleeping schedule was revealed during a brief talk on the red carpet of the Indian Sports Honours Awards, which served as confirmation of this assertion.

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