Amouranth Acuses Her Husband of Abuse

Amouranth, actual name Kaitlyn Siragusa, is one of the most well-known creators on Twitch and has 5.9 million followers.

In a broadcast video, Siragusa claims to be “living in a wonderful prison.”

Amouranth, a famous person on Twitch and Onlyfans, admitted to being married on a live Twitch stream and said her husband was in charge of her finances, mistreated her emotionally, forced her to stream, and threatened to murder her dogs.

Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, regularly streams on Twitch while engaging in live video game play or conversing with her 5.9 million viewers. She revealed in July that her monthly income can approach $1.5 million and that she is a well-known creator on OnlyFans.

The live video was later removed, but the recordings are still being shared on social media. When it all started, her husband, who seemed irritated with her, was on call.

What did Amouranth say during the live stream about her circumstance?

Initially, during a talk with her husband, Amouranth seemed worried about her dogs. She stated that she was remaining inside because he had threatened to murder them. When her husband later denied these claims and started interrogating her about what she had said, Amouranth showed signs of confusion and frustration.

Amouranth alleges that on occasion, her husband has made her stream without her will. She then reads out a string of hostile text messages in which her husband refers to her as a “stupid fuck,” threatens to throw her baggage off a hotel balcony, among other things, and delete her social media accounts. The conversations also contain threats to “blow” $500,000 of Amouranth’s cash by donating them to a bird sanctuary.

Her spouse is also accused of coercing her into broadcasting footage, including by threatening her, encouraging her to “commit to the grind because it was a good income opportunity,” and posting numerous “hot tub” films against her will. He is also accused of coercing her into extended streaming.

Valkyrae uses Twitter to criticise those who make unfounded claims about the situation.

People have been deluging social media with comments in an effort to refute Amouranth’s allegations against her husband from last night’s live stream, known as “Valkyrae.” “Valkyrae” Rachell tore into them.

Valkyrae brought up the fact that some online commenters were downplaying the abuse Amouranth had experienced in her marriage, and she wasn’t the only notable streamer to do so. Pokimane recently tweeted about the streamer’s health, but she was obliged to take the tweet down after it received criticism for Amouranth’s alleged continued involvement in an abusive relationship.

As Valkyrae observed in her tweet, it was commonly believed that the streamer was to blame. Contrary to what some people might want to think, she continued, the reality is far more difficult because of shared finances and living arrangements.

Natalia tries to inquire about Amournath’s health.

Natalia “Alinity,” a well-known Twitch broadcaster, recently discussed Kaitlyn “Amouranth,” another Twitch content provider, and her situation.

Alinity asserted that she made an effort to contact Amouranth. However, she was unable to approach her. She decided to carry out a “welfare check” after that, but she asked that the police withhold any pertinent information.

Alinity, an Amazon-owned Twitch partner, began her live-streaming career there in November 2016. She currently has 1,477,360 followers and averages more than 6,100 concurrent viewers every broadcast.

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