2017 Delphi Murders: Suspect charged in killing of teen girls

Summary: A 50-year-old local man has been detained in connection with the 2017 deaths of two adolescent best friends, Libby German and Abby Williams.

The two girls died on a trail while trekking on February 13, 2017. The killings of two adolescent best friends, Libby German and Abby Williams, in Delphi have been linked to a 50-year-old local man after a five-year investigation by the Indiana State Police. At a news conference on Monday, the state police took the first move toward bringing the brutally slain teenagers’ killers to justice.

Delphi murders

IN DELPHI – Richard Allen, of Delphi, Indiana, was detained in connection with the 2017 slayings of eighth-graders Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14, according to Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter.

close associates On February 13, 2017, Libby and Abby were killed during the day on a hiking trail in a remote Delphi.

The terrible killings rocked the sleepy Indiana community and aroused public curiosity.

The first suspect in the enigmatic double homicide has been identified. How the girls were slain has not yet been made public by the police.

The police personally address the Delphi murderer, saying, “Today could be the day. Sleep well.”
For nearly five years, no one was detained in connection with the Delphi killings.

The route near Delphi, Indiana, where 14-year-old Libby German and 13-year-old Abby Williams were killed on February 13, 2017.

This weekend marks five years since the murders of two eighth-grade girls in Delphi, Indiana, a little town of just under 3,000 people. This horrific crime robbed families of their innocence and plunged the rural community into an unresolved murder mystery.

Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14, were enjoying a day off from school on February 13, 2017, in Delphi, which is located roughly 70 miles north of Indianapolis. They left on the trail but never came back.

No arrests were made until Monday, despite the case appearing to have a lot of evidence, including audio and video recordings of the perpetrator and a fresh social media tip. Additionally, experts believe it is unusual for police to withhold key information about the crime from the public, such the death’s cause.

They further assert that the case may no longer benefit from preserving secrecy and pursuing cryptic leads.

Despite this, the families continue to have faith in Doug Carter, the chief of the Indiana State Police, who has urged them to keep holding him accountable.

“We are very familiar with you… Sleep well tonight, since today might be the day,” Carter advised the assassin.

What are the details of the Delphi Murders?

Booking image for Richard Allen

Regarding the Delphi murder investigation, the police made announcements. Allen is a pharmacist’s assistant who is also married. He entered a not-guilty plea to the accusations. The pre-trial hearing in this matter is set for January.

The arrest of the Delphi murder suspect has thrilled the superintendent of the Indiana State Police. He added that the families of the teens must now live without them, therefore it is hardly a day to celebrate.

On Wednesday, Allen was taken into custody and lodged in the Carroll County Jail. State police and other law enforcement agencies have declined to give more details about the ongoing inquiry. Allen was reportedly moved to the White Country prison for his safety.

Delphi Murders: Richard Allen’s jail photo (right) in comparison to his 2017 (top left) and 2019 (bottom left) suspect sketches (bottom left)

The probable cause affidavit used to support Allen’s arrest and subsequent charges, according to ISP and Carroll County Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland, is “temporarily sealed.” McCleland did add, though, that the timing of the documents’ eventual release will be decided at a future public hearing.

The Libby German and Abby Williams murders in Delphi

Investigators investigated Allen’s house last week, removing his firepit and hauling a car. If any evidence was found, it hasn’t been disclosed.

Community members were overwhelmed with a spectrum of emotions after the news conference when they learnt of the arrest. For some, it brought up thoughts of the two victims.

Allen has not been openly named as a suspect in the Delphi killings investigation, despite the fact that it is unclear how long he has been on law enforcement’s radar.

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