10 actors who ought to have been in a Marvel film but haven’t

Unbelievably, some famous people have yet to make an appearance in a Marvel film series. Here, we defend some individuals who are required to receive a shot. Among them are Zac Efron, Al Pacino, Ana de Armas, and others.

Actors that Marvel Studios must cast

Barbara Monica

The celebrity just had an appearance in the biggest movie of the year thanks to her ability to give the character an edge and show that she can compete with her hotshot male pilot colleagues. Barbaro has demonstrated that she would be a perfect fit for any part that Marvel wanted to give her. We predict that her casting will happen soon.

Texas Butler

The same is accurate of Butler. His acting range was recently on display for fans in Baz Luhrmann’s biography of Elvis Presley. Undoubtedly, Butler’s impending performance in “Dune: Part 2” will serve as a demonstration of how he might run a future Marvel franchise.

Stephen Carey

Carell has done comedy before, but don’t let that fool you—he can do anything. He shouldn’t be introduced to the MCU as purely comic relief, in our opinion. We want to see him in a sinister role. Not often the main antagonist in a movie or television show, but rather a supporting figure who might be associated in some manner with the protagonist. We would warmly appreciate that.

Armas, Ana

She has previously proven herself to be a skilled Bond girl, and we have no trouble visualising her in the MCU. De Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Netflix movie “Blonde,” who might soon be looking for a different challenge that entails less drama and more action.

Shaun Efron

Throughout his career, the actor has had to manage a number of roles. We would be quite surprised if he hadn’t at least tried out for a part in the MCU. It would be wonderful if he showed up in a Marvel movie or TV show.

Midhunter, Amber

Midthunder is certainly getting a lot of offers because of her great performance in “Prey.” Given that she has already expressed a readiness to take on action parts, Marvel would be wise to get in touch with this talent.

Palmer, Keke

We can see that the actress has the motivation to make anything she takes onto unique in addition to having the “it” factor to take on a Marvel property. This was recently made known by the celebrity through parts in “Lightyear” and “Nope.”

Wise, DeWanda

After her scene-stealing performance in “Jurassic World: Dominion,” we would love to see Wise advance in her career by becoming the face of a Marvel movie or television programme.

Pacino, Al

The acclaimed actor has tried everything, with the exception of participating in a Marvel project. That has to alter.

Bruce Fraser

He has already played Cliff Steele in “Titans” and “Doom Patrol”; he was also set to play Firefly in the now-cancelled “Batgirl” film. So, it is not unreasonable to think that Fraser could work for Marvel.

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