daily column – 23rd june 2021

Dissent within the ranks at Google? According to the New York Times, some Google personnel feel the business is suffering due to its scale and CEO Sundar Pichai’s leadership. They cited a paralyzing bureaucracy, a proclivity for inactivity, and a focus on general impression, all of which are characteristic of a big, mature corporation. From … Read more

daily column – 22nd june 2021

GoI has more regulations for e-commerce platforms! First Some context: Many trade unions, particularly the Confederation of All India Traders, have frequently advocated regulating e-commerce companies. The Competition Commission of India is presently investigating two of the largest e-commerce companies, Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart. An explosive Reuters report earlier this year claimed to reveal Amazon’s … Read more

daily column – 18th june 2021

Vishal Sikka, the previous CEO of Infosys (although for a short time), is making headlines again. His new business, Vianai Systems, was just launched. SoftBank has invested $140 million in him. They are developing a human-centered Artificial Intelligence platform, which is a system that learns and collaborates from non-machine inputs. This approach, according to Vishal, … Read more

daily column – 17th june 2021

Sugar prices are expected to plummet shortly. It’s great for bakers and soft drink manufacturers, but it’s terrible for everyone else. The following is a breakdown of how it works. Electricity is becoming a more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels for cars throughout the globe. This has begun to show in Brazil, which is … Read more


Oil Prices increase on account of slowing production You’re likely to pay more for petrol and diesel in the coming days. US crude oil prices hit their highest mark in over two-and-a-half years, touching $71.78 a barrel on Monday. Many anticipate they may climb further. Move towards Green: Big oil is stagnating. Spending on oil extraction and … Read more

Daily column – 15th june 2021

Netflix seems to have outgrown the moniker “streaming behemoth.” It is in the process of transforming into an entertainment business. It hinted at its gaming aspirations last month, hoping to attract a younger, more engaged audience. It has now opened an online store where fans can buy hoodies, streetwear, and sweatshirts based on its famous … Read more