Daily Column – 25th September 2021

After an open firing took place in Tennessee at Kroger grocery store within a Collierville, 14 people were injured and at least one person got killed.  9 victims were rushed to hospital and among them, not less than 4  are in critical condition. The gunman was also reportedly dead by one self-inflicted wound of the … Read more

Daily column – 23rd september 2021

The Capitol Hills’ lawmakers are preparing for a couple of showdowns in legislation for the next week and a half, that came to effect after the decisions that were made in the past two days. The first decision has its focus on the debt ceiling and government funding. If Congress is unable to provide funding … Read more

Daily Column – 22nd September 2021

The eccentric heir of real estate, Robert Durst was charged guilty of murdering Susan Berman a long-time friend of Durst. This verdict is among the most cases of high profile that came into the limelight because of the popularity of real crime documentaries. Durst who is of 78 years has faced a life sentence without … Read more

Daily Column – 18th September 2021

Korea has launched 2 ballistic missiles from the east coast on the 15th of July 2021 only before an hour of South Korea launching its missile tests based on submarine. President of South Korea Moon Jae-in had called the missile testing of North Korea proactive and defended the testing of its own country. Kim Yo … Read more

Daily Column – 15th September 2021

Apple has received a combined verdict issued by the federal judge in an anti-trust case which was being watched closely. The Court ruled that company must allow the developers to collect their payments directly from the users, but it stopped modifying the powerful app store’s role. The smartphones from Apple constitutes most of the smartphone … Read more

Daily column – 14th September 2021

Last week, President Biden’s vaccination demand for major employers dominated the news. However, another initiative that has gone largely unnoticed might be critical in slowing the spread of Covid-19: the rapid proliferation of inexpensive at-home testing. The Biden administration plans to spend over 2 billion US dollars on 280 million quick Covid tests, which will be distributed … Read more

Daily Column – 9th September 2021

Following a week of extreme weather, US legislators are under increased pressure to modernise the country’s infrastructure so that future journeys do not require a canoe. Hurricane Ida knocked out electricity to 1 million Louisiana homes and businesses earlier this week, then dropped its remnants on the MAtlantic and Northeast on Wednesday. Ida’s leftovers killed … Read more

Daily Column – 8th September 2021

A Texas legislation went into effect at midnight on Wednesday, prohibiting abortions beyond six weeks of pregnancy, when many women are unaware they are pregnant. It is now, the most stringent abortion regulation in the country, and it may force many abortion clinics to close. It is after six weeks of pregnancy that at least 80% … Read more