Daily Column – 20th January 2022

It’s been a year since Bernie Sanders’ mittens took over our social media feeds. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on this day last year. How is he going? Take a quick spin. During his time in office, the unemployment rate has dropped from 14.8 percent … Read more

Daily Column – 19th January 2022

The pandemic made everyone want to play games a lot more. Microsoft did the same thing. The tech company said yesterday that it was going to buy video game company Activision Blizzard for almost $70 billion, which is a lot of money. Usually, when you see a Six Flags ride for the first time, you … Read more

Daily Column – 18th JAnuary 2022

It’s going to be hard for some people who don’t get vaccinated against Covid-19 to figure out how much money they’re going to have to spend on food, car insurance, and heating. Look no further than Novak Djokovic, whose career is in danger because he hasn’t had a shot. Because of his vaccination status, the … Read more

Daily Column – 17th January 2022

Around Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Democrats were keen to deliver a significant triumph on voting rights. The reality is that “I don’t know whether we can get this done,” as President Biden admitted last Thursday. To overcome a Republican filibuster, Democrats need 60 votes in the Senate, but they only have 50 senators. Moderate … Read more

Daily Column – 16th January 2022

Whether you’re a liberal Democrat, a Republican who wears a MAGA hat, or a member of Fintwit, there’s one thing that everyone agrees on: Congressmen and women should not be able to trade individual stocks. Efforts are being made to get things moving. Democrats and Republicans have come up with two bills this week that … Read more

Daily Column – 14th January 2022

When President Biden tried to make all businesses with more than 100 employees have to make their employees get vaccinated or get tested, the US Supreme Court said no. People who work in the United States would have been affected by the new policy, which would have affected about 84 million people. This is a … Read more

Daily Column – 13th January 2022

Your top business storey for 2021 was rising prices, and it just started its 2022 campaign with a big splash. Consumer prices rose by 7% in December, the biggest year-over-year rise since 1982, the Labor Department said yesterday. There are two main reasons: rent and used car prices. When it comes to housing, prices rose … Read more

Daily Column – 11th January 2022

Happy hours are a lot like this: Greenhouse gases rose a lot last year, just like they did in real life. CO2 emissions rose 6.2% when Covid restrictions were eased in 2021, says a report from the Rhodium Group. The I Am Legend days of 2020 saw emissions fall by 10%, the largest annual drop … Read more

Daily Column – 10th January 2022

Some tech company investors are learning that stocks don’t always rise. In fact, they don’t always rise at all. In the first week of 2022, they dropped a lot. For the first time since February 2021, the tech-heavy Nasdaq lost 4.5% last week, its worst week since then. And the ARK Innovation ETF, which has … Read more

Daily Column – 9th January 2022

Afterward, you’ll be angry at your white apartment walls and wonder why you thought minimalist design was a good idea. Dani Dazey’s TikTok will make you want to punch them in the face. Dazey is a maximalist graphic, fashion, and interior designer who runs the clothing brand Dazey LA. Trixie Motel will be on TV … Read more