Daily Column – 7th December 2021

Covid-19 vaccination will be required for all employees in New York City belonging to the private sector, from Wall Street traders to Times Square Power Rangers, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio, who announced the requirement in a press conference yesterday. In justification for the new rule (which de Blasio claims is a “first-in-the-nation” measure), the … Read more

Daily Column – 8th December 2021

Earlier this week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) denied Starbucks’ request to postpone a union election at three of its outlets in the Buffalo region. On the plus side for the corporation, the National Labor Relations Board spelled their name correctly. The failed last-ditch attempt to halt the election means that Starbucks will now … Read more

Daily Column – 6th December 2021

A crucial test for the digital media business as well as the SPAC market will be conducted today when BuzzFeed goes public. Both have seen better days in the past. For more information, visit www.buzzfeed.com/investors. The background: Instead of going through the traditional IPO route, BuzzFeed merged with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), which … Read more

Daily Column – 4th December 2021

The November jobs data was as ambiguous as a dessert pizza, which is to say, well – ambiguous. Let’s start with the bad news: the economy added only 210,000 jobs in November, far less than the 550,000 jobs predicted and far less than the 546,000 jobs added the previous month. In fact, it is the … Read more

Daily Column – 3rd December 2021

Because Ray Dalio is the billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, when he speaks, people pay attention. When it comes to recent remarks made by billionaire investor Ray Dalio against Chinese policy, some individuals listened…then said “Wait, that was unusual.” Asked on Wednesday at a CNBC interview how he could reconcile … Read more

Daily Column – 2nd december 2021

Increased travel restrictions are being implemented by governments throughout the world as more cases of Omicron – the new highly mutated Covid variant  emerge, notably in the United States, in an attempt to curb the virus’s spread. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Tuesday that it may require all air travellers entering the United States … Read more

Daily Column – 1st December 2021

In testimony before the Senate yesterday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stated that it was past time to stop using the term “transitory” to describe the present inflation dynamics in the United States. This is the background: Powell has been leading Team Transitory since May, when due to the disruption in supply chain caused due … Read more

Daily Column – 30th November 2021

Yesterday, Jack Dorsey announced that he was stepping down as the company’s CEO after eight years of seeing brands harass random people on Twitter. Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s current Chief Technology Officer, has been given the keys to the birdcage. Background information in 300 characters or less: Dorsey cofounded Twitter in 2006 and served as the … Read more

Daily Column – 29th November 2021

What happens when we take a three-day gap from producing a newsletter? A new Covid-19 strain known as Omicron emerges, putting the entire world on high alert because of its propensity to spread swiftly, circumvent protection provided by current vaccines, and raise the danger of reinfection. Never, ever again. So, what exactly is Omicron, and … Read more

Daily Column – 26th November 2021

The most amusing part about the current inflation hysteria is that everything happened so quickly. The first Covid wave swept through the United States last spring, causing more than 20 million Americans to lose their jobs and plunging the country into its worst recession in recorded history. With the economy contracting by 31.4 percent in … Read more