Giant Food Companies are the target of 5 lawsuits.


Lawsuits have been filed against food corporations for a variety of reasons, such as erroneous labelling, undesired substances, and the spread of salmonella and E. coli. These situations could change both the manner that manufacturers conduct their operations and the recipes they use. Lawyers told Food Dive that glyphosate contamination, lawsuits challenging label claims, food-related … Read more

2022 Armie Hammer is selling his timeshare after going bankrupt.

Armie Hammer

18 months after the debacle that wrecked his career, Armie Hammer is reportedly “absolutely bankrupt” and working out of a cubicle, marketing timeshares to tourists. Armie Hammer was seen as a breakout talent before his career suffered as a result of abuse claims and other damaging details about his recent romantic connections with women that … Read more

2022’s Top Celebrity Makeup Looks


In the past, celebrity makeup had a certain impenetrable quality. Cosmetics professionals studied the magnificent beauty looks that were saved for the red carpet by looking through paparazzi photos. Because readers were kept in the dark regarding the sources of inspiration or painting techniques used, they resorted to skillfully copying the artistically painted faces. Then … Read more

NASA Announces the Latest Discovery from the James Webb Space Telescope 2022


NASA Announces the Most Recent James Webb Space Telescope Finding The waiting is over. The first scientific image from the James Webb Space Telescope has captivated astronomers. The most thorough astronomical representation of the distant Universe was displayed by US President Joe Biden on Monday during a news conference at the White House. On July … Read more

NY Times Sudoku

NY Times Sudoku

NY Crossword solvers have been interested in the NY Times sudoku for a long time, especially after The Crossword came out in 1942 with fun word and logic puzzles. 2014 saw the release of the Mini Crossword, Spelling Bee, Letter Boxed, Tiles, and Vertex. Early in 2022, the NY Times added Wordle to their collection. … Read more