Daily Column – 30th April 2022

The US stock market just had its worst month since March 2020, when the pandemic caused the world to shut down. In April, the S&P lost 8.8%, the Dow lost 4.9%, and the Nasdaq lost 13.3%. This is the worst month for the Nasdaq since 2008. In other words, the world isn’t shut down right … Read more

Daily Column – 29th April 2022

President Biden said he’ll make his much-anticipated student loan forgiveness announcement in a few weeks. That’s fine, because we do the same thing. So while we wait, let’s look at what Biden will do on this politically charged, $1.7 trillion issue. Forget about $50,000. The president said he’s “thinking about” cutting back on debt, but … Read more

Daily Column – 28th April 2022

Mark Zuckerberg delivered a gaffe of historic proportions during Meta’s earnings call in February: The company’s stock experienced the greatest one-day wipeout on Wall Street after revealing its first ever fall in daily users. Meta just had to clear a limbo stick seven feet in the air this time, and she passed. When the company … Read more

Daily Column – 27th April 2022

Still recovering from Twitter’s decision to accept Elon Musk’s buyout offer? They claim the only way to get better is to drink more. Here’s the latest on the world-shattering transaction. Tesla’s stock has plummeted. Musk’s electric vehicle company’s stock dropped more than 12% yesterday, wiping out more than $125 billion in market value. Investors may … Read more

Daily Column – 26th April 2022

Every millionaire dreams of owning a mass communications platform at some point in their lives. That happened for Jeff Bezos in 2013 when he bought The Washington Post. That moment arrived for Elon Musk yesterday. The board of directors of Twitter voted to accept Musk’s offer to take the firm private for $44 billion in … Read more

Daily Column – 25th April 2022

This article discusses teen self-harm, depression, and suicide in the United States. Here are some resources for people who are struggling with these problems. The mental health epidemic among America’s young is escalating, and public health specialists are racing to find the core causes before it worsens. First, the numbers: According to a recent CDC … Read more

Daily Column – 24th April 2022

The final episode of Pachinko, the TV adaptation of Min-Jin Lee’s bestselling novel, will air on Apple TV+ on Friday. The multigenerational story of a Korean family who immigrates to Japan during Japanese colonial authority has already caused this Morning Brew writer cry four times. Soo Hugh, the showrunner, executive producer, writer, and creator of … Read more

Daily Column – 23rd aPRIL 2022

Since the start of the Ukrainian conflict, the EU has paid more than $37 billion for Russian energy imports, with Germany accounting for a large portion of it. While pressure is building on the country to stop funding Putin’s war activities with energy purchases, leaders there argue that the economic cost is simply too high. … Read more

Daily Column – 22nd April 2022

Disney’s capacity to effectively self-govern its theme park has been revoked by a statute passed by Florida’s GOP-controlled legislature. The law will now be sent to Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk, where he is likely to approve it, effectively ending Florida and Disney’s long-standing Timon and Pumbaa bond. The decision is largely perceived as payback for … Read more

Daily Column – 21st April 2022

In a new Netflix show called Is It Cake?, professional bakers challenge celebrity judges to decide if it’s cake or not. But a more pertinent question for Netflix would be: Is it toast? Yesterday, the streaming service’s shares plummeted 35%, wiping away $54 billion in market value and marking the company’s worst trading day since … Read more